Service / Workshop

Valves and Actuators refurbishment

we identify and analyse the root causes of valves or actuators failures and repair their components restoring the original functions.

Valve upgrading and modification

we measure and analyse the internal components of the existing valves and we re-build them following the new specifications and/or customer requirements.

Seat flushing and lubricating operations

In case of valve internal leaks, we can inject cleaners and lubricants into the valve seats injection port using special products in order to tentatively reduce the leakage.

Emergency valve sealing

we can inject a special sealant material through injection port of the valve seats in order to definitively stop the leakage and maintain the pipeline in safety condition.

Qualification tests as


Fire safe


Fugitive emission

Bending under combined load and hydrostatic pressure of valves and flanges

All the above tests could be done Offshore, Onshore and in Workshop.


NDT tests: we are certified fo

Magnetic level II (Portable Magnet and Contrast liquid)

Liquid penetrant level II (Cans of penetrant liquid and contrast liquid)

Acoustic (useful to reveal defects on casting material (i.e. body valves) and/or to detect leaks along pipelines

Application of strain gauges for Bending test.

All our tests could be done Offshore, Onshore and in Workshop.

Teaching personnel to handle valves and actuators

we can train site personnel in order to give them the basic notions that skilled employees need when working in the valves and actuators market.


Commissioning activities on any kind of valves and actuators


Machine Shop

Our service offered includes a range of activities that fully cover the development of a product:

Co-design during the product design phase to optimize the product.

Feasibility studies and realization of pre-series prototypes.

Direct management of the raw material, with search and selection of Suppliers according to quality/cost/service requirements

Realization of the most efficient production solutions, also through specific investments.

Supply of heat and/or surface protection treatments


CNC lathes with one and two spindles, with manual and automatic loading and motorized tooling.

Horizontal and vertical machining centers, also with pallets.

Machines for finishing and complementary operations such as broaching, milling, drilling, balancing, cutting-off, etc.

We  can cover a wide production range in terms of product size, typology of product, machining process and batch size, thus being able to promptly follow the variations of demand of its Customers.